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Reviewing the Benefits and Limitations of Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Green Glue is a talented substance. Used properly, the noise dampening compound blocks intrusive sound by asserting its visco-elastic form as an energy converting blanket. This isn’t an opinion, it’s the hard facts of the matter. That being said, the benefits we’ve attached to this product do have company. These are the rare limitations, the product provisos that we’re reviewing in this post. First, though, we need that benefits recap.

Green Glue: Benefits Recap

This soundproofing solution requires no special installation skills. Some DIY ability is advised, for the installer will be handling large sheets of drywall, but that’s about as hard as the job ever gets. This is also a relatively inexpensive path to noise-free comfort. Talk to a product distributor for more information, but a few tubes or a single bucket is usually more than enough to sound-dampen a medium-sized room. Here’s an easy-to-read list that illustrates these advantages in a clearer manner:

Easy to apply (It’s Perfect for Your DIY weekend project)

  • Relatively affordable, especially when compared to other options
  • An environmentally friendly option (Low VOC emissions)
  • Washes away quickly (Sponge and soap)
  • A trusted noise-cancelling product
  • A no-odour compound

Are There Any Notable Product Limitations?

The compound does take time to dry and cure, so don’t expect the sound barrier to become effective overnight. It takes days, perhaps more than a week, for Green Glue to dry, at which point intrusive noises fade away. By the way, a sound wave is a stubborn type of energy. If it finds a propagation path, it will simply work its way around the visco-elastic stuff until it penetrates the wall. Use the mixture, the panels of drywall, and call upon all other workable noise isolation solutions. Noise decoupling fasteners work well with this wall sandwich. Finally, don’t let the job fade into the background. If the project is planned, buy the Green Glue tubes and get the job done. If a delay does seem inevitable, do remember that this product has a one-year shelf life, although that figure can be extended if the storage area is kept at room temperature.

The benefits far outweigh the limitations, don’t they? While it’s true the barrier takes time to become fully effective, that’s not an actual limitation, not when the installation instructions are followed. Green Glue simply needs time to dry. Other than that one slight snag, there’s the shelf life question to remember. Beyond those limitations, there’s the lab-tested nature of an environmentally friendly, easy to install noise dampening solution to tempt every acoustically-sensitive buyer.