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Selecting the Right Adhesives for Automotive Use

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Owning an automobile is a constant lesson in always making sure you make the proper choices in regards to upkeep and maintenance. At some point in time, you are eventually going to need to purchase a type of adhesive for your automobile. No matter the application, picking the right adhesive can be a daunting task. Take a look through our extensive product list and you will no doubt be wowed by the constant variety of adhesives that are available. The question then becomes this: how do you pick the right adhesive for your automobile? What are the traits and qualities that are important in the adhesive that you choose? Here at Foam Sealant Pty, we want to take some time in order to educate you on one of the many important topics that you will no doubt run into during your time owning a vehicle.

Picking the Right Adhesive for Your Vehicle

Take a look at your car on the inside, outside and under the hood. You will no doubt notice that there are a lot of components at work here and that they are undoubtedly going to run into some issues down the line. With that being said, just because something has gone wrong with your car does not mean you need to pull out your wallet and purchase an entirely new component. Thanks to the advent of high-quality adhesives, including specialised glues and adhesive tape, you can take charge of your own repairs to a certain degree. Yet even knowing how easy this can be, it can still be difficult to find the right adhesives for the job. What is the best way to make this happen?

Well, the first thing that we advocate doing during your hunt for automotive-friendly adhesives is checking the durability of the different potential adhesives. Your car, when in operation, is going to be moving around a lot. This means that all of the components in your vehicle are going to be beholden to the quality of the rood, the speed of your car, and the quality of your tires. You will want an adhesive that is strong and able to bond for the long-haul.

Next, we advocate that you look for an adhesive that is resistant to the elements that are typical of your driving experience. Look for adhesives that are UV resistant, waterproof, and able to withstand elevated heat. As you drive around, you will run into all of the issues we just highlighted. By following these two key tips, you will end up with the right adhesive for your automobile.

A great example of an automotive-friendly adhesive would be found in the Foam Sealant line, specifically the Foam Sealant FS640. This product embodies many of the traits we mentioned above: it operates well in high-temperatures and it is suitable for areas where vibration will be excessive. A bonus for the Foam Sealant FS640 is that it is also capable of making a water seal which helps to keep the elements at bay during use.

Foam Sealant offers many automotive adhesives for different purposes and applications. Feel free to check out our automotive adhesives page, and view the brochures and application guides available for each of our automotive products.