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Soundproofing for Your Next Remodelling Project? Three Reasons Why You Should Choose Foam Sealant Products

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Undeniably, we live in a very noisy world. From daily outdoor noises like the neighbor’s chainsaw or mower to aircraft and traffic sounds that upsets our comfort zones. We even have to contend with loud noises in the work environments such as constant phones ringing, loud ventilating systems and buzzing fans.

Today, most people are subjected to continual high and low frequency sounds that affect our well-being as well as our health. In fact, current studies show that noise pollution can seriously damage people’s health and encumber daily activities at work, school, at home and during leisure time spent outdoors. According to recent studies by the World Health Organization (WHO), noise pollution can cause psycho-physiological and cardiovascular symptoms, interrupt sleep, trigger irritation responses and alter social behaviour.

The Benefits of Soundproofing your Home and Three Reasons Why You Should Choose Foam Sealant Products

Enables You to Have a Comfortable Surrounding: Everyone appreciates a quiet home, especially if they live in an area where noise pollution is loud and constant. The daily noise from barking dogs and heavy equipment definitely plays its toll on your peace of mind and disposition. As well, noise pollution greatly affects your health.

Allows You to Cater to Your Property’s Special Needs: The good news is that you can soundproof your home and block the noises from coming inside. As well, you can noise proof inside your home for special living needs. For example, you may need a sound proof room for your child’s guitar lessons or for your surround sound theatre system.

Keeps Intolerable Outdoor Noise: In fact, soundproofing your home thoroughly will keep the intolerable outdoor noise from entering your home and the indoor noise easily controlled so everyone is happy and healthy.

How to Soundproof Your Home

Although the chore of soundproofing your home sounds uninviting and cumbersome, it really is an easy task. In fact, there are several ways to prevent noise pollution from entering your home. Here are some excellent guidelines that can keep noise pollution from traveling in and out of your home:

Windows: As a rule, sound travels in and out of your home mostly through your windows. And single pane windows are the big culprit. Installing acrylic frame or double-paned windows will greatly reduce noise. As well, custom made plugs around the window frame can works wonders for blocking noise. You can also put up sound deadening drapes for added protection. One of the most affordable and efficient solutions is to use a sealant which is specially formulated for window frames and door jambs to drastically reduce noise.

Ceiling: Noise pollution can exit and enter the home also through the ceiling. Soundproofing your ceiling can be done with extra insulation and additional drywall. Laying carpet upstairs will also make a big impact on reducing noise. As well, sealant can be added to all the cracks and corners when you put up extra insulation.

Walls: Noise pollution can easily travel through walls; especially drywall and similar material. To remedy the noise you can add more insulation, additional layers of drywall and hang extra wall coverings. Again, sealant is an excellent solution to prevent noise from traveling through the walls. Just apply the sealant in holes and around the crevasses.