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Stop Non-Pressurised Leaks on Any Surface by Using EternaBond Products

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Parts and products that have attained some damage can expect their service life to deteriorate very quickly. The decline in their quality can even become speedier if they will be utilised continuously on specific personal or business operations.

Metal roofing, for instance, can gain tons of damage once its components start to fall apart. As roof components develop some holes, water and other outdoor elements may eventually leak, which can be damaging to other structural materials. The same issue can be experienced with vinyl pipes, wood furniture pieces, and windowpanes.

Fortunately, EternaBond has been producing repair and restoration tapes for various surfaces for years. The company has also crafted preparation products to ensure that non-pressurised leaks on surfaces can be resolved optimally. To eradicate leaks from any of your surfaces, here are some steps that you must do and the right EternaBond products you can maximise.

Surface Preparation

The first step that you must do to remove non-pressurised leaks on your surfaces is to prepare them. Surface preparation is vital to ensure that parts and products allow tapes and other sealing products to work optimally. It is also essential to make the sealing products last for a long time. This process is often conducted by removing old layers of rust, paint, and dirt.

One EternaBond product you can maximise during surface preparation is EternaClean Spray Cleaner. It is comprised of solvents that can work with open single-ply roof membranes and metals. This product can remove grime, oil, grease, and other contaminants from the surfaces, preparing their surfaces from EternaBond MicroSealant tapes and other sealants.

EternaPrime, alternatively, is an adhesive and surface conditioner that you can also use for surface preparation. This product is useful for coalescing any loose particles into a solid platform from self-adhered modified bitumen membranes, ensuring that they can aid adhesion of EternaBond MicroSealant tapes, butyl tapes, and other similar tapes.

Sealing and Repairs

After preparing the surface, you now have the option to choose from a wide array of EternaBond products. For roofing, you can maximise EternaBond RoofSeal and EternaBond RoofSeal Plus. These products can seal any tear, open seam, and rip in your roof surfaces. What makes them great is they can work with roofs made from EPDM, TPO, Hypalon, PVC, and metals. They are likewise durable as they are UV-stable and can withstand weather elements.

Now, if you have any issues with your windows, you can utilise EternaBond WindowSeal. This specific product boasts a thin polyethylene film coated with MicroSealant, making it effective in sealing the gap between the window and the exterior sheathing. This product can likewise work with construction metals, wood, vinyl, metal, brick, and concrete.

EternaBond WebSeal is another great sealing product that features a woven backing coated with advanced MicoSealant. It can be applied to almost anything. From a seam or tear to a screw head, this product is expected to retain its adhesion for a long time.

Other offerings from EternaBond that you can maximise are EternaBond DoubleStick, EternaBond AlumiBond, EternaBond CopperFlash, and RV Emergency Microsealant. These products can then be applied with pressure through EternaBond Steel Roller.

For a full list of our EternaBond Products, you may click HERE. Contact us when you need to order.