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Uses and Applications of EternaClean Spray Cleaner

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

EternaClean isn’t an ordinary cleaning product. It’s not designed to clean everyday surfaces or materials, and the small liquid container certainly isn’t intended to act as an all-purpose solvent. No, EternaClean Spray Cleaner is a singular, material specific surface preparation agent. When single-ply roof membrane needs the services of a sealant, then this spray-on mixture preps and primes the application area.

Priming the Application Zone 

Professional roofing installers know what happens when surfaces leak. Likewise, DIYers know what to expect when a roof or RV interior springs a nasty leak. The rivulet of water rots wood in the home. In the motorhome, the water rusts hidden surfaces and damages electrical subsystems. Frankly, the whole thing is going to end up a mess, unless the fissure is sealed, of course. Another thing that sets the pros apart from the amateurs is the realization that a primary coating cannot function properly unless it’s properly prepped. Just like a residential paint job, a primer coating needs to be laid down before the top coating is applied. In terms of sealant activation, dirty and poorly prepped application zones cannot guarantee a seal if that application surface is left untreated.

The EternaClean Difference 

EternaBond or some other powerful sealant has been carefully utilized, but the underlying surface lacks bonding strength. This is the point where the canister of EternaClean comes out of its packaging, before the sealant is applied, not after. The hot solvents go to work. They penetrate the application zone, clean the single-ply roofing material, scour the metal panels, and generally prime the area so that it readily accepts a sealant compound or layer of microsealant tape. Imagine this action as a before-and-after test. In the before scenario, coatings of grime and oxidized metal interfere with the work. There’s oil and grease on the RV walls. The mobile camper is filthy, and there’s little hope of a sound seal, even with EternaBond on hand, for the dirt is spoiling bonding integrity. In the after application test, tree sap wetness and grime are eliminated on the roof, and the roofing material bonds perfectly. Likewise, the windows and inner surfaces inside that RV gain an immaculate finish, all thanks to those hot solvents.

The hot solvent mixture is regarded as a proprietary formula, so don’t use it as a general cleaner. It’s solely designed to remove the grime, tree sap, and oils that interfere with roof bonding or RV metal bonding jobs. Working alongside a capable sealant, this formula leaves no residues, it dries quickly, and it’s environmentally friendly, which mean there are next to no VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals) to worry about.