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Uses for Double sided foam Tape

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

In the world of industrial signage-making, creating eye-catching 3D effects can prove to be a challenge, especially if the materials and time available don’t always add up. Because three-dimensional signage requires a look that literally pops out, it requires a lot of material in order to create a frame that can support the overall build of a 3D image. Oftentimes these materials are wood, metal, or fiberglass which is molded or shaped into effect. These materials tend to be costly, and sometimes even bulky and hard to transport or work with. One of the best alternatives is using double-sided foam tape. Among the many uses of double-sided foam tape is in the creation of layered moldings in lieu of a frame made of metal, wood, or fiberglass.

The Benefits of Double-sided Foam Tape

In the world of construction, double sided foam tape offers a lightweight and readily portable alternative to more conventional construction items. Double sided foam tape differs in that while typical frames that are employed for the creation of 3D signage and other architectural structures requires sufficient building-time and a large amount of materials, whereas double sided foam tape functions as a readily installable mainframe for 3D signage. It works as a buffer for insulation, as a way to fortify walls and balustrades structurally, and it serves as a good way to add to the overall structural integrity of an area, without the need to employ expensive and hard-to-install materials.

But the uses of double sided foam tape do not end here, with just small-scale industrial applications. Double sided foam tape is a valuable and often indispensable tool in large-scale construction work because it provides nearly all of the benefits that grout or cement offers, only without the need for a rigorous and often time-consuming application. The great thing about double sided foam tape, it can be employed in lieu of cement, tile grout, parquet glue, or any other adhesive substance. And, it doubles as a very handy insulating and shock-proofing agent. This is due to its foamy nature, which makes it excellent for high-grade industrial structures that go through the rigors of daily wear and tear.

Double sided foam tape can be an excellent addition not only to walling, but also to various types of flooring installations. In the field of auto-mechanics, double sided foam tape can be used in lieu of fiberglass, or shaped steel, to create moldings and other applications, although further work may be required to add to its overall stability and durability. Depending on the medium, the type of construction and the materials involved, double-sided tape makes for a great way to lessen the amount of raw material used for construction. That is a good thing for the environment, and a great way to save money on materials.

Considering all the uses for double-sided foam tape, its versatility, flexibility and amazing adhesive properties, it also allows you to work with an equal amount of finesse without the added hassle other materials present. For more information about double-side foam tape or foam sealant for commercial or industrial applications, please visit Foam Sealant at https://foamsealant.com.au/.