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Utilising High-Density Urethane Foam as Bumpers and Footpads for Appliances

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Most buildings today are filled with appliances, machines, and furniture pieces. They may generally function differently, but they can be moved or be affected by vibration and movement as people carry out their day-to-day tasks or responsibilities.

For instance, desks inside an office would normally be used by employees. As time passes, these desks may slightly move from their initial position whenever employees carry out their tasks on their computers or laptops. Machines found in an industrial plant, alternatively, will move constantly due to vibration. Vibration can likewise affect the stability of appliances found inside a commercial space.

To ensure that all these things can be protected from potential damages and other effects, they must be equipped with bumpers or footpads.

Main Purposes of Bumpers and Footpads

Bumpers and footpads can be extremely helpful in protecting not only the surfaces of the appliances, machines, and furniture pieces but also the surfaces of the surroundings. After all, they can effectively minimise vibration and movement in various equipment pieces and appliances. They can also offer stability on uneven surfaces as well as deter stiff parts or components from damaging one another.

Aside from the previously stated purposes, bumpers and footpads can also prevent contact between surfaces and materials. They can even cover sharp edges, protecting floors and other property surfaces from potential scratches, abrasions, and other similar damages. Ultimately, bumpers and footpads can be utilised as stopping mechanisms, preventing a specific object from moving or being moved.

Given the purposes of these helpful mechanisms, property owners need to replace them once they have become damaged or have gone missing.

Maximising High-Density Urethane Foam

One of the materials that can serve as bumpers and footpads is the high-density urethane foam.

High-density urethane foam is a very firm foam that can be utilised in many applications. When not used as bumpers and footpads, this material can be utilised as memory foam mattresses, insulation panels, sport underlays, foamboards, packaging foams, high-density foam rollers, and couch cushions.

One outstanding quality of high-density urethane foam is it is durable. When used as bumpers and footpads, the said material is expected to last for decades. In some cases, it can even last for over 20 years, which makes it cost-effective for most applications. This material can even withstand extreme temperatures and harsh outdoor environments, minimising the need to replace it regularly.

Most importantly, high-density urethane foam is not expensive. So, property owners who want to acquire bumpers and footpads can surely go for this material without spending a lot of money.

Purchase Lo-Skid LS7000/LS7100 Series

If you want quality bumpers and footpads for your appliances, furniture, and equipment pieces, you may want to invest in Lo-Skid LS7000/LS7100 Series. Lo-Skid LS7000/LS7100 Series are urethane foam products that can be maximised for bumpers and footpads. With their high surface friction coefficient and smooth non-marring surface, they can effectively provide the needed resistance of business machines, housewares, industrial equipment, and electronics to vibration and unnecessary movement. These products are available uncoated or adhesive-coated on one side.

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