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Why Do Industries Use Silicone Tapes in Gasketing Applications?

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Many industries take advantage of gaskets as they can fill the space between mating surfaces, preventing them from obtaining damages due to leaks and other related issues. These mechanical seals can often be effective once they are made from the right materials.

Some materials utilised in producing industrial gaskets are natural rubber, neoprene rubber, and compressed non-asbestos. Natural rubber gaskets are often utilised for water pumps and pipes since they can resist water, shock, and vibration. Neoprene rubber gaskets, alternatively, are used in marine and outdoor applications as they have optimal resistance to sunlight, ozone, fats, oils, greases, and other outdoor elements. Compressed non-asbestos gaskets, ultimately, are utilised for applications that are exposed to heat, water, gases, oils, fuels, and chemicals.

Gasket Tapes Over Gaskets

While gaskets can generally be utilised in sealing mating surfaces, some industries prefer tapes over them. Gasket tapes are strong adhesives that can bond two surfaces, making sure their gasket material can work optimally. They can also seal surfaces, preventing any leaks from happening. They also help deter elements from getting mixed. Some types of gasket tapes are double-sided tapes, very high bonding tapes, and adhesive transfer tapes.

Gasket tapes can be beneficial to industries since they can be applied to gaskets before they are cut into the specified shape and size of applications. They eliminate issues and irregularities caused by leaks and breakdowns of components like pumps, doors, lids, and others. 

These tapes are also preferred over traditional gaskets since they can be cheaper. The materials used in making these products are often more affordable than those used for gaskets. The low price of the raw materials alone allows tapes to be sold on the market at an affordable rate. Gasket tapes are likewise time-saving, versatile, and appealing.

Utilise Silicone Gasket Tapes

One material that can be effective as gasket tapes is silicone rubber. Silicone rubber is a type of rubber material that is known for its flexibility, weather resistance, and electrical insulating properties. This rubber material can also work optimally despite being exposed to extreme temperatures. Its versatility allows industries to use the material in producing a wide range of products, including gasket tapes. 

Many industries use silicone gasket tapes as they can withstand high and low temperatures. Even at extreme temperatures, they do not deteriorate and get damaged. Additionally, silicone gasket tapes have excellent insulation, which makes them useful for high-voltage insulators and other electrical components. They can even be blended with semi-conductive carbon products. 

The durability of silicone gasket tapes also makes them useful for many industries. They are resistant to ozone, UV light, and extreme weather conditions. They also do not corrode. And even under pressure, these gasket tapes can still work well thanks to their optimal compression set reliance. Ultimately, these tapes can be appealing as they can come in various colours.

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