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Working from Home? The Benefits of Soundproofing Your Home Office

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

The work from home insurgency is the new normal, and it’s been bound to happen. Since 2005, there has been a 159% increment in remote work. The adaptability offers assists businesses with enlisting top ability. Furthermore, employees are seen to improve their workspaces. An incredible chance to improve your home workspace is by adding soundproof windows for the office.

At the point when COVID-19 hit, the work from the home change was just rushed. At the point when you set up your home office, you may have neglected noise factors. Traffic noise, how boisterous your neighbours are, and even breaks from your children can incur significant damage with interruptions, stress, and your wellbeing. Help yourself out and roll out more perpetual improvements now, since you probably won’t be returning to the office at any point shortly.

How to Soundproof Your Home Office?

All of us have different levels of noise sensitivity, and if you can hear the TV or conversation through your walls, you can apply some simple solutions to minimize the noise level. A basic wall soundproofing idea would be is to increase the mass of your walls and by doing this, you would be able to block a considerable amount of sound from passing between the separating walls using thick or heavy materials and applying them directly onto the wall.

You can soundproof your wall by adding mass to the wall using specialist thin wall soundproofing panels. These panels can increase the sound insulation of any type of wall, blocking TV sound and other household noises that should not be normally heard on the other side of the wall. There are also other equally effective soundproofing materials available on the market today and that includes the Green Glue Foam Sealant. In fact, they have become all the rage when it comes to hassle-free soundproofing. Most have been packaged in the familiar dispensing tubes, making them very easy to apply onto holes and gaps.

Green Glue sealants are water-based sealants designed to minimize the amount of sound passing through walls and partitions. Its main function is to attain and sustain the specific STC standard of the system design. The sealant retains its flexibility and sticks to both wood and metal studs, gypsum boards, concrete, and all other types of structural substrates. Green Glue sealants can maintain a tough rubber-like cap that works even against sound, air entry and moisture. They are easy to apply and clean-up is also quick and easy. All you need is just soap and water.

Today, a lot of drywall installers and even architects have recognized the efficacy of Green Glue sealants in reducing sound transmission. It is now commonly being used as a sound-reducing material in the construction of soundproof walls. When smeared between layers of drywall, it has the capacity of actually dissipating sound vibrations that go through floors and walls.