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Maintain Your Caravan Optimally by Applying EternaBond Products

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Families often invest in caravans to ensure they can travel and be comfortable wherever they are. Caravans are great for family trips as they can house different furniture pieces, fittings, and fixtures often found in living areas.

If you currently own a caravan, you may already know the associated benefits of having one. One of the benefits you already enjoy with a caravan is it can provide your family freedom. Once you and other family members decide to take a quick vacation, you can do so by latching the caravan into your vehicle and you are good to go. A caravan can also ensure that your family will still feel at home as they enter the said trailer. The bond and connection between you and your family and even your friends are likewise expected to strengthen furthermore.

The strength of your caravan, however, may deteriorate as time passes. Fortunately, a wide variety of EternaBond products can be used to maintain your beloved asset. Here are some EternaBond products you can buy for your caravan maintenance.

EternaBond EternaCaulk

One of the products you can use for your caravan is the EternaBond EternaCaulk. The roof of your caravan is expected to be exposed to various weather elements throughout its service life. Once it has acquired some openings along the way, the best way to close them is to apply an effective sealant. The EternaBond EternaCaulk is a high-performance thermoplastic elastomer-based sealant that can cover openings and cavities your caravan roof may contain. Its properties allow the sealant to adhere to most caravan roof materials and surfaces.

EternaBond AlumiBond

Another product you can use on your caravan is the EternaBond AlumiBond. This offering utilises 4 mil aluminium backing, making the AlumiBond extremely hard when applied to caravan surfaces that require resealing over seams and rivets. This product also does not require UV protection and can be seamlessly painted to match the colour of your caravan. Aside from your caravan, the EternaBond AlumiBond can also be used in resealing your storage tanks, steel surfaces, aluminium roofs, and other similar surfaces.

EternaBond WindowSeal

Windows are necessary for your caravan so it can receive optimal ventilation and air whenever needed. They likewise ensure you and others can still see the view outdoors once you stay inside the caravan. But proper sealing of the windows should be done so they can remain gapless throughout their service life. One product you can buy to achieve this goal is the EternaBond WindowSeal. This product utilises a thin polyethylene film that is coated with MicroSealant. It can fuse to any materials of your caravan windows and seal any gaps. This product does not shrink and fall off the windows over time.

EternaBond Steel Roller

You may have already applied some sealants on your caravan. But to ensure that they will be applied to the surfaces tightly, you must utilise an EternaBond Steel Roller. This wide curved-end ball-bearing steel roller can apply proper pressure to your sealants, making sure that their sealing will be permanent and not fall off easily.

To acquire access to these EternaBond products, you can visit our online shop at Foam Sealant. You can likewise contact us if you need some help.