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Ensure Proper Sealing of Your Windows with EternaBond® WindowSeal

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
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Your property is comprised of elements that can impact its overall temperature and insulation. One of these elements is the windows.

Windows are primarily designed to protect your interiors from weather elements like heat, moisture, and wind once they are closed. Closing them can also prevent insects, dust particles, and other outdoor elements from entering your property. But as soon as you open them, your rooms and spaces may be treated with fresh air and breezy wind. Of course, windows can likewise provide a great outdoor view from the inside. They can also insulate outdoor noise appropriately.

The Importance of Window Sealing

Now, all these mentioned benefits of windows can only be achieved if they are sealed properly. By sealing the windows properly, your property can effectively receive an even and comfortable temperature. With stable temperatures, you can then expect your energy bills to remain low. Allergens and insects can also be deterred from entering your place due to proper window sealing. Other advantages you can expect with window sealing include improved comfortability and extended service life of windows.

Window sealing can be achieved by applying a specific sealant to cover any cavities and openings in the window frame. This process can also be done whenever the windows have obtained some cracks. Another way to seal the windows is through weather stripping. Weatherstripping is done by placing some strips around the window, preventing drafts from entering your property.

Utilise EternaBond® WindowSeal

If you are going to opt for the first sealing option, you may want to consider using EternaBond® WindowSeal. Many sealant tapes are available in the market right now. However, most of them do not last for a long time. EternaBond® WindowSeal, fortunately, has been designed to last for years. Additionally, this type of sealant tape does not only stick to the surfaces of your windows, but it can effectively fuse to the involved window parts. This specific product can even withstand weather conditions, making sure that the sealing of your windows will always be present.

EternaBond® WindowSeal features MicroSealant technology that makes it resistant to allergens, microbes, moisture, and other damaging elements. This technology utilises a formulation comprised of synthetic resins, thermoplastics, and non-curing rubber alongside a built-in primer.

All the qualities of this sealant tape make it effective in glass, aluminium, vinyl, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, fibreglass, and other prominent construction materials.

Buy WindowSeal from Foam Sealant

When applying EternaBond® WindowSeal, you must ensure that the surfaces are clean and dry. To gain access to this specific product, you can contact us at Foam Sealant. We see quality as a fundamental element of our products, people and operations. Hence, we give our full attention to providing a quality product to the highest possible manufacturing standards on time, the first time.