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Adhesion Strength and Applications of A9100 Acrylic Foam Mounting Tape

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Acrylic foam mounting tapes securely hold items on clean surfaces. That’s a general description, but it serves us well as an introductory statement. Focusing on specifics, not generalities, here’s an actual product line, an acrylic-based foam that has more to offer. Capable of absorbing joint movement stress, this foam mounting tape features industrial-grade adhesion strength, so an item supported by this weather-resistant film will stay right where it’s mounted.

A By-The-Numbers Product Review

Instead of adopting a salesman-like demeanour, let’s check out some product specifications. A roll of single/double sided A9100 acrylic foam mounting tape delivers 10Kg/cm2 of tensile strength, so it’s clearly designed to support heavy items. For fastener-free signage applications, this feature alone attracts the attention of inquisitive buyers. And remember, subpar mounting tapes weaken when they’re attacked by the weather. If indoors, they stretch and lose adherence strength when the indoor temperature rises. A9100 mounting tape is ultraviolet resistant and weather resilient, and the tape can easily function under high-temperature extremes. By the numbers, the mounting tape continues to adhere when the temperature rises as high as 90°C or as low as -30°C. Again, for industrial and commercial signage applications, it’s hard to imagine a better fastener-free mounting solution.

Exhibits Vibration-Dampening Strength

Dependent on the film’s thickness, which varies between 0.25mm to 1.5mm, the applications that A9100 acrylic foam mounting tape can fit will, of course, vary significantly. A thin roll of tape, equipped with its vibration absorbing foam lining, will quickly counteract the movements made by an RVs interior mouldings. For the thicker product lines, their more accomplished vibration deadening attributes make them a perfect fit for building cladding usage areas, such as those found on partially constructed concrete structures. Midway between these two usage domains, a moderately thick strip of A9100 suits a completely different function. Thick enough to work as a sandwich layer between plates of glass, the material performs as a core layer inside the transparent but fragile sheets. It forms the fracture-attenuating core of a layered panel of laminated glass.

As if this need be said, the application surfaces need to be clean before strips of A9100 acrylic foam mounting tape are used. A 50/50 mix of isopropyl alcohol and water will carry out the prep work quickly and efficiently. Next, pull the protective liner gently away as the tacky material is applied. Finally, before concluding the job, use pressure to press the tape against its mounting surface. Last of all, adopt a similarly meticulous mounting sequence when attaching the mounted item. And remember, before the tape can be fully loaded, allow a dwell period of 24-hours to pass.