EternaBond® WindowSeal: Effective Window Sealing without the Gaps

October 13, 2017

As temperatures drop, cold outside air can easily penetrate into homes and commercial buildings through gaps in windows. Besides preventing cold air from entering buildings so that the temperature inside doesn’t become physically uncomfortable for people, sealing window gaps is definitely an important way to save money too. For example, a typical home can lose […]

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Proper Disposal of Glues and Adhesives

September 27, 2017

Just as a general rule, glues and adhesives contain toxic solvents. The chemical compounds are poisonous, capable of causing skin and eye irritation, and some particularly harmful adhesive formulations even cause respiratory difficulties. Granted, many glue manufacturers are busily substituting solvents with water-based bonding agents. However, it’s that general rule of thumb that worries us […]

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NORSEAL® Firm Foam Tape: Qualities that Make it Ideal for Automobile Use

September 11, 2017

It’s with some confidence that we draw your attention to NORSEAL® Firm Foam Tape. Proven as a superior gasketing material, the polyurethane foam features some truly singular features, which is why the product has become a universally approved strip sealant. Used as a perennial vibration-dampening solution, the micro-cellular tape favours automobile applications due to the […]

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Uses and Applications of Pre-Compressed Sealants

August 29, 2017

Pre-compressed sealants possess some interesting physical properties. First of all, the sealant has been compacted. Due to that factory-inserted material property, the product is charged with energy. On application, the pre-compressed polymer uses that charge to fill nearby gaps. Talking of applications, in a different context, of course, what uses and applications benefit from this […]

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Polyurethane Adhesives: What’s in the Formula and What Makes it Strong?

August 11, 2017

A capable adhesive is composed of countless chain links. Suspended inside the liquid bulk, those bonding linkages are usually formulated from urethane polymers. Having said that, this formula isn’t fixed, it varies according to the product’s desired bonding specifications. Consequently, those urethane units are sometimes replaced by other forms of carbamate. Presumably, then, there’s an […]

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Thermoplastic Glues and Some of Their Common Uses

July 25, 2017

Thermoplastic glues are amorphous adhesives, which simply means they’re compounds that are built from loosely structured polymers. The plasticity label suggests a thermal attribute, though, so where does this feature fit into the adhesive market? Well, this is a tacky adhesive agent that’s found in hot-melt technology, usually as a solid plastic cylinder. Gifted with […]

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Material Differences between Foam Rubber and Sponge Rubber

July 11, 2017

A foam rubber product shares many material properties with a comparable sponge rubber item, yet they’re not the same. In fabrication terms, a foam uses a blowing or “foaming” agent to inject a polymer melt with gas-filled bubbles. On the other hand, the tiny interlinking chambers in sponge rubber are produced chemically by mixing sodium […]

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Norton-Xpand PU600: Qualities that Make It Ideal for Windows and Skylights Installation

June 26, 2017

Norton Xpand PU600 is a high-performance sealing tape that uses PUR (Polyurethane) as a material backbone. Designed for use in sealing construction joints, the tacky, pre-compressed rolls adhere to all standard building materials. Beyond that convenient usage factor, the polyurethane base is guaranteed to retain its shape and structure when high winds blow and heavy […]

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What are BCF – Butyl Coated Foams?

June 9, 2017

On the surface, butyl coated foams are simply slightly tacky sealants. It’s when we cut into the material that the secret of this versatile water barrier is revealed. Outside, the butyl jacket creates a uniform finish. Inside, however, the foam core adds a compressible PVC backbone to the product. That’s an invaluable feature, and here’s […]

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Significance of Polymer Technology in Glues and Adhesives

May 24, 2017

Nowadays, polymer technology is everywhere. The super tough plastic housings that frame cellphones are made of polymers. Car parts are made from durable plastics, which is just another name for a polymer. Then, in glues and adhesives, the same complex molecular chains create the linkages that gift liquid fasteners with an unbreakable chemical backbone. It’s […]

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