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Ensure Long-lasting Protection for Your Building Roof with EternaBond RoofSeal

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article, Eternabond

Protect your building roofs from water with EternaBond RoofSeal. Available at Foam Sealant, it has an innovative design that makes it suitable for roofing.

Buildings should possess a roofing system that is waterproof due to many reasons. For one, roofs should be waterproofed to deter water from seeping into the building. Failure to prevent water from infiltrating the building can only cause extensive damage to the beams, trusses, and rafters, leading to corrosion, rotting, and many more. Waterproofing the roofs can also prevent mould and mildew growth, enhance energy efficiency, maintain structural stability, comply with local regulations, and reduce maintenance costs.

One way to ensure your building roof will last for a long time and boast the necessary waterproofing is by applying EternaBond Roof Seal.

An Overview of EternaBond RoofSeal

EternaBond RoofSeal is a MicroSealant, which features a unique molecular structure that makes it extremely stable once applied. This structure likewise allows the product to be resistant to the effects of nature, which results in extremely long repairs and shelf life. It can even make the product compatible with almost all materials.

MicroSealants like EternaBond RoofSeal are comprised of a single bond between carbon atoms, making their molecular structure stable and resistant to heat, ozone, and oxygen. They also feature synthetic polymers and a proprietary built-in primer to facilitate instant bonding to most materials. They likewise have extremely wide temperature resistance and the ability to self-heal. They even feature VOC-free proprietary primer.

Key Features of EternaBond RoofSeal 

EternaBond RoofSeal maximises a wide array of features that you can get for your roof. Some of the features of this product are as follows.

  • Exceptional Adhesive: EternaBond RoofSeal features a high-strength adhesive backing that creates a permanent bond with the roof surface. This adhesive is specifically formulated to adhere to a wide range of materials commonly used in roofing, which includes EPDM, TPO, Hypalon, aluminium, galvanized steel, wood, and fibreglass.
  • Weather Resistance: This product is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. It has excellent resistance to UV rays, heat, cold, and moisture, ensuring it remains effective and intact even in harsh environments. This feature helps the product prevent water penetration and the resulting damage to the roof.
  • Flexibility and Conformability: The flexibility of EternaBond RoofSeal allows it to conform to irregular roof surfaces, including seams, joints, and contours. It can be easily moulded and stretched to fit the specific shape and size of the area requiring sealing. This flexibility ensures a tight and secure bond, eliminating potential gaps where water could penetrate.
  • Self-Sealing Properties: EternaBond RoofSeal is self-sealing, which means it can effectively seal around punctures and small cracks without the need for additional sealants or adhesives. This feature is particularly beneficial in preventing water intrusion in areas that are prone to leaks or potential damage.
  • Easy Installation: EternaBond RoofSeal is designed for easy installation, making it a convenient choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. It comes in rolls of varying widths, allowing for customisation based on specific project requirements. The application process involves simply removing the protective aluminium backing and firmly pressing it onto the desired area, eliminating the need for complicated installation procedures.

EternaBond RoofSeal offers exceptional long-lasting waterproofing and protection for roofs. Its superior adhesive properties, weather resistance, flexibility, self-sealing capabilities, and easy installation make it a reliable choice for various roofing applications.