The Right Window Sealing Materials from Foam Sealant

July 24, 2023

Using the right window sealing materials for manufacturing and maintaining windows is necessary to ensure they remain energy-efficient and cost-effective for a long time. Windows are often exposed to not only outdoor elements but also indoor elements. Hence, they can deteriorate much more quickly than other property surfaces. However, with the correct sealing materials, they […]

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Primary Features and Applications of Norbond V1500 Mirror Mount Tape

July 10, 2023

Discover the primary features and applications of Norbond V1500 Mirror Mount Tape. Versatile adhesive solution for various mounting needs. Saint-Gobain, a known multinational corporation, specialises in the design, production, and distribution of glass products, performance plastics, abrasives, ceramics, and other building materials. Its commitment to developing products and solutions for construction, automotive, aerospace, and other […]

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An Overview of PVC Tapes and Where to Use Them

June 20, 2023

Tapes are thin strips or rolls of material that feature adhesive on one or both sides. They are versatile tools that can be maximised by various industries in sealing, bundling, marking, repairing, mounting, and many more. As of now, tapes can be made from various materials. One of the materials that can be used in […]

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Improve the Acoustics of Your Place with Norseal Acoustical Sealant Tapes

June 1, 2023

You can improve the acoustics of your place by investing in Norseal acoustic sealant tapes as they can seal off gaps where noise may enter or get out. Acoustics plays a crucial role in the overall design and construction of a property. Good acoustics can create a property with a comfortable and productive environment. Alternatively, […]

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Soundproofing Seals: Main Benefits and Applications of Norseal CST V494

May 16, 2023

Sound and vibration can be deterred from entering properties and damaging surfaces once Norseal CST V494 from Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics is utilised. These elements, after all, can sometimes be damaging to properties and surfaces where these elements are present. Too much noise and vibration on surfaces, for instance, can degrade and deteriorate them over time […]

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