Prevent Vibration Noise in the Industrial Workplace by Using the Right Adhesive Tapes

February 21, 2020

Ensuring that an industrial working environment is as quiet as possible is a difficult task with all the various noise sources in the building. Even the WHS laws in Australia, though, mandate that there is an acceptable noise level that companies must provide their workers for the sake of their safety. Noises often come from […]

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EternaBond® Steel Roller Uses in Sealing Applications

February 7, 2020

A number of EternaBond® products require the right amount of pressure placed on them to ensure that they create a secure seal for their intended purposes. While there may be other help aid to accomplish this type of pressure on the market today, none performs the job as well as the EternaBond® steel roller does […]

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Butyl Rods: Answer to Difficult Industrial Sealing Problems

January 20, 2020

Butyl rods can be seen between large blocks of precast concrete. Horizontally arranged pavers and vertically formed concrete structures also use the premium grade synthetic rubber. The flexible rope acts as a deep opening filler, which can then be further sealed with a pasty caulk. Added to the tacky rope’s sealing credentials, though, the material […]

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Noiseproofing Made Hassle-free with Green Glue Noise Proofing Compound

January 14, 2020

Noise proofing has been underestimated by some property owners, especially those who have offices and business properties. In some offices, numerous rooms must be noise-proofed so that the noise from the outside is blocked. Rooms like meeting rooms, conference rooms, and even the workspace itself must receive minimised noise from the outside to avoid any […]

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Avoid Issues in Gasketing by Choosing Quality Sealants

December 13, 2019

Gasket sealants function as jointing support mediums. Basically, if a gasket lacks seal integrity, a pasty compound is applied to its rubber or fabric surface to offset such material shortcomings. In a way, sealants supplement or augment the fluid proof barrier that forms between a flange face and a jointing medium. The substance creates a […]

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