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Norseal Tapes and Films: Reliable Solutions for Electrical Applications

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
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Norseal Tapes & Films: Reliable electrical solutions from Foam Sealant. Enhance performance with trusted products. Explore our range now.

Norseal tapes and films have gained popularity and recognition over the past few years as they can provide effective insulation to a wide range of electrical applications.

You see, in the field of electrical applications, reliability and safety are of utmost importance. And to achieve this, industries have to maximise high-quality materials that can give effective electrical insulation to various applications. Using these materials can ensure optimal performance and protection of electrical components against potential hazards.

Saint-Gobain, a global leader in producing advanced materials and solutions, knows how to engineer, design, and develop these materials. With their Norseal brand, the company can provide high-performance sealing and insulation products that have been proven to be reliable in demanding environments.

The Advantages of Norseal Tapes and Films

Numerous advantages can be obtained from Norseal tapes and films. Some of the advantages of these special tapes and films are as follows.

  • Excellent Electrical Insulation: Norseal tapes and films can provide excellent electrical insulation properties thanks to their materials. They are often made from silicone, rubber, or other specialised compounds that allow them to boast high dielectric strength and resistance to electrical conductivity. These properties allow them to insulate electrical components, preventing the flow of electrical current and reducing the risk of electrical accidents.
  • High-TemperatureResistance: Another advantage of Norseal tapes and films is they can withstand elevated temperatures. This quality allows them to offer excellent thermal stability and heat resistance, ensuring they can maintain their integrity and insulating properties even in demanding environments like high thermal loads or fluctuations. This advantage makes Norseal tapes and films useful for motors, transformers, electrical wiring, and so on.
  • Chemical and Environmental Resistance: Norseal tapes and films are designed to resist various chemicals, solvents, and environmental conditions. They can resist moisture, oils, acids, alkalis, and other substances that may compromise or degrade electrical insulation. They can even resist UV rays, providing additional protection against degradation from sunlight exposure. Their resistance to elements can help them maintain the long-term reliability and performance of electrical systems.
  • Effective Conformability:Norseal tapes are not only resistant to elements, but they can also conform to irregular surfaces of electrical components. They can conveniently adapt to the shape of the said components, giving a secure and consistent insulation layer. Their flexibility allows for easier installations and ensures that the tapes and films will maintain their integrity over time, even in tight spaces or areas with complex geometries.
  • Enhanced Moisture Sealing: Moisture and water should not reach sensitive electrical components to maintain their effectiveness and protect them from corrosion, short circuits, and electrical failures. Norseal tapes and films, fortunately, can create a barrier that prevents these damaging elements from infiltrating the said components. They can be useful for electrical enclosures, cable joints, and outdoor electrical installations.

Obtain Norseal Products from Foam Sealant

Many Norseal products can be bought from us at Foam Sealant. But if you want those intended for electrical applications, you can never go wrong with Norseal V770 and Norseal V990.

The Norseal V770 maximises low-density foam suitable for sealing thin gauge metals and plastics. They have 30% compression that can provide an excellent seal against dust, water, and light. They likewise have excellent resistance to weather, fungi, and oxidation. You can also expect them to stay durable as they will not crack in cold temperatures. They are perfect for air conditioning, telecommunications, refrigeration, and environmentally controlled rooms.

The Norseal V990, alternatively, combines a closed-cell polyvinyl chloride foam substrate with a pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides. It features excellent resistance to weathering, oxidation, and UV light. It can also seal out water, dust, and light, making it useful for commercial refrigeration glazing, vibration damping, and storage display cases.