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The Right Window Sealing Materials from Foam Sealant

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Using the right window sealing materials for manufacturing and maintaining windows is necessary to ensure they remain energy-efficient and cost-effective for a long time.

Windows are often exposed to not only outdoor elements but also indoor elements. Hence, they can deteriorate much more quickly than other property surfaces. However, with the correct sealing materials, they may be able to last for numerous years without any compromises on their functionality and appearance.

Top Reasons Why Windows Should Be Sealed

There are several reasons why windows should be sealed properly.

  • Save Energy: Well-sealed windows can help maintain the energy efficiency of a building. Air leaks around windows can lead to significant heat loss during cold days and heat gain during hot days. This issue then forces heating and cooling systems to work harder to maintain a comfy indoor temperature, which leads to higher energy use and higher utility costs. Sealing windows properly can minimise energy loss and decrease energy costs.
  • Prevent Drafts: Proper window sealing can prevent drafts or uncontrolled airflows entering or exiting the property through gaps orcracks around the windows. Once drafts enter the property, they can create discomfort for occupants. Window sealing, alternatively, can make building spaces more comfortable to live or work in.
  • Control Moisture: Moisture can easily penetrate a property if the windows are not sealed properly. As moisture goes in, it can lead topotential water damage, mould growth, and degradation of building materials. Sealing the gaps and other openings in window frames can effectively prevent moisture from infiltrating the building envelope.
  • Reduce Noise: Windows that are properly sealed can effectively reduce noise and sound transfer. Some buildings may be constructed next to highways or other urban areas. And since the noise levels in these places can be high, sealing the windows is necessary to prevent outdoor noise from ruining indoor peace.

Invest in and Utilise the Right Sealing Materials

To make sure your windows will be sealed properly, you should invest in and utilise the right sealing materials. At Foam Sealant, we ensure that you only use high-quality window sealing materials. Some of these materials are as follows.

  • EternaBondWIndowSeal: The EternaBondWindowSeal is a thin polyethylene film coated with MicroSealant, making it compatible with any construction metals, wood, vinyl, brick, concrete, and glass. Its composition makes it possible to seal gaps between the window and the exterior sheathing and flex in all conditions.
  • Norglaze Glazing Pads: The Norglaze Glazing Pads can also be used as a sealing window as they can work with metal panels and glass. They are often used to protect sheets of flat glass, sealed units, and automotive glass in transit and storage, making them useful for windows that may have to be transported to various places.
  • Korel K30: The Korel K30 is best used as an anti-fogging component for closure applications. This product can resist corrosion and most chemicals, making it useful for sealing windows often exposed to weather, corrosive, and chemical elements.
  • ThermalbondV2100/V2200: These Thermalbond products are useful for structural silicone glazing, die cutting, curtain walls, and other applications exposed to vibration. Properties near highways and high vehicle traffic areas can take advantage of these products thanks to their vibration and noise-dampening properties.

Regular inspection and maintenance of windows, along with timely repairs or resealing from professionals, are essential to ensure your windows can continuously provide the previously stated benefits and contribute to a comfortable, efficient, and healthy indoor environment.