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All the Advantages and Applications of PVC Tapes

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Manufacturers carry out various processes to help them generate their needed parts and products. One of the processes they conduct is welding. Another process that they would do to join two parts and components is the installation of mechanical components. Some of the most utilised components for uniting two different objects are fasteners and screws.

While fasteners and screws can bond and join different objects together, they cannot be utilised all the time. Fortunately, adhesive tapes are already available today, enabling manufacturers to bond or join various parts and components without intricate manufacturing processes.

Different materials can be utilised in generating adhesive tapes. However, one tape material that has provided tons of benefits to manufacturers is polyvinyl chloride or PVC.

Advantages of PVC Tapes

Many industries utilise PVC tapes in their main applications due to the qualities they possess.

PVC has excellent insulation and cushioning properties. Hence, tapes with this material can keep the adhesive and seal intact. PVC tapes can also maintain tight sealing against dust, moisture, and air, making them highly effective in many industrial uses. The ability of PVC tapes to conform quickly to irregular surfaces even makes them better than other types of tapes. Ultimately, PVC tapes can work in any surrounding conditions since they can withstand sunlight and chemical exposures.

Given these physical attributes, PVC tapes can easily save industries a lot of time. Unlike other sealing components, PVC tapes can be readily applied by unrolling them to specific parts or components. Once the required sealing has been achieved, operators can conveniently cut them and proceed with other processes. Another great benefit of PVC tapes is they can work for a long time. Due to their resistance to elements and even extreme temperatures, manufacturers can expect them to last for many years.

PVC Tapes Applications

All the benefits of PVC tapes can help various industries seal their parts and components. Some industries that utilise these tapes are automotive, construction, and electronics.

PVC tapes’ qualities allow them to be very effective in dampening vibration and sealing air in ceiling and access panels. They can also be utilised for sealing air handlers, motorcycle helmets, cables, wirings, washing machines, refrigerators, and others.

Purchase PVC Tapes Today

If you want to purchase PVC tapes, you can contact us at Foam Sealant. We offer different types of PVC tapes so we can effectively cater to your need. Some PVC tapes that we can provide are Norseal V740, Norseal V760, Norseal V770, Norseal V780, Norseal V860, and Norseal V990.

All of them possess unique qualities that make them beneficial for specific applications. Norseal V770, for instance, can be utilised for sealing light, dust, air, and water for irregular substrates. Norseal V990, on the other hand, can be effective for high movement residential and commercial glazing.