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Best Norseal Sealing Products for Automotive Applications

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

The primary components of machines, equipment pieces, and other general products should be made and assembled properly so they can work efficiently for a long time. They must then be paired with small yet important materials so they can operate optimally.

One of the materials often integrated into machines and other products is a seal. Seals are materials often installed on two or more components to prevent leakage of fluid and other materials. Industrial seals can be effective not only for preventing leakage but also for holding pressure and deterring contamination between components.

Many industries use seals to complete their products. They also use these helpful materials in troubleshooting their equipment pieces, tools, and others. One industry that regularly uses seals in assembling its products is the automotive industry.

Sealing Applications in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry uses seals to ensure that vehicles can work all the time. From the mechanisms under their hoods to the trunk and wheels, they mostly take advantage of seals to prevent leakage and keep gas, oil, and coolant in their designated places.

Numerous parts of a vehicle can take advantage of seals. The engine, for instance, utilises seals to keep its components running. Seals are often installed in engine components where oil is present. For them to be effective, the seals used for the engine must be able to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions. Internal system motors of vehicles are equipped with seals. They help vacuum motors open and close vents optimally as well as ensure movement of the windshield wiper motors and window motors.

The hood, trunk, and doors of the cars can likewise benefit from seals. These seals help keep outdoor elements out. They can also keep the vehicles warm and dry. They can likewise make their opening and closing actions to be carried out more smoothly. Even the transmission of vehicles can be integrated with seals to ensure that it can deliver appropriate power to the wheels. The seals work by allowing the transmission to build pressure until its gears are shifted.

Other notable vehicle parts where seals can be found are wheels and shafts, brakes, power steering systems, suspension, and batteries.

Norseal Sealing Products for Automotive Works

Saint-Gobain, a known manufacturer of materials needed by various industries, offers a wide range of Norseal sealing products for automotive works.

The Norseal V760, for instance, is a closed-cell polyvinyl chloride foam sealant that utilises pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side. Even under compression, this sealing product remains dimensionally stable. It also has good abrasion resistance, resistance to weather, fungi, and oxidation, and long water absorption. This product is highly useful in truck trailer joint sealing, door frame assemblies, and truck cab overlap sealing.

Alternatively, the Norseal V780 is a multipurpose medium-density closed-cell foam sealant that can prevent water infiltration and resist weather, fungi, and oxidation. It even meets FMVSS 302 Flammability Standard. It can be useful in sealing car doors, windows, and many more.

Ultimately, the Norseal V990 is a closed-cell polyvinyl chloride foam sealant that boasts excellent resistance to weathering, oxidation, and UV light. This sealing product can be used for vibration damping, heating and ventilation, and interior/exterior glazing.

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