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Effective Noise Damping System made Possible with Green Glue

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

What is noise proofing? It is the method of sealing in sounds in a room and preventing them from escaping into another. It either lessens the noise or completely obstructs it. Noise proofing is often installed in theaters, recording studios, and entertainment facilities since these places produce a lot of loud sounds that can easily disturb the peace outside. But it is also applicable wherever noise proofing is needed – homes, schools, commercial spaces, offices, hospitals, and entertainment joints. It can even be used to conceal construction noises within occupied spaces, so people can continue to lead their normal lives without being disturbed.

Years ago, noise proofing was made up of an elaborate array of various materials. Different layers of specialized walls, floors, and ceilings had to be built on top of the other just to seal in sounds. Today, an effective and less costly noise damping system is made possible by Green Glue. How is that possible? It is a special kind of compound capable of noise proofing and the science behind this noise damping sealant is pretty impressive.

Green Glue – How does it work?

Sound waves travel through air. And when they hit a wall, ceiling or floor, their vibrations will simply pass through these and will carrying with it sound to the other side. A noise damping sealant prevents sound from traveling across surfaces. Green Glue acts specifically by converting the sound waves into heat. As sound and noise passes through Green Glue, the sealant transforms them and dissipates them in the form of heat.

Green Glue is best used to dissipate low frequency noise typical of home entertainment systems, though it can also be applied to numerous other settings. Homes with multiple family dwellings, home offices, renovations and new construction projects can all benefit from this unique noise proofing technology. Its applications are truly endless.

Green Glue – How do you use it?

The noise damping sealant is applied in the middle of two rigid materials such as drywall to form an effective noise damping system. A single layer of Green Glue Noise Proofing Compound in between two sheets of drywall is enough to reduce 90 percent of emitted sound! Application unto a rigid construction material only takes minutes, and can be performed by a professional or even through DIY projects. For best results however, it is recommended to allow the sealant to cure for at least 7 days.

Green Glue – Why should I use it?

Loud noises emitted in a specific room or space can interrupt people and their routines outside. Imagine having to put up with construction sounds while you are working in your home office, or trying to sleep in your bedroom while someone’s watching a horror flick downstairs. A noise damping sealant allows you to function despite the presence of loud sounds in nearby rooms. You can easily purchase Green Glue sealant online or at your local hardware store that stocks it.