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How to: Soundproof my home office with Green Glue.

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
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Calculate the wall, floor or ceiling area which needs to be soundproofed. Use the following formula to calculate the area :    Length in metres  x  Width (or Height)  in metres = Total square metres


1 X 828g Green Glue Compound cartridge will soundproof 1.4m2. Note: Cartridge only fits in a jumbo caulking gun available from Foam Sealant Pty Ltd.


Fix your first layer of plasterboard to the wall studs or frame. In the case of a renovation, you may already have your first layer of plasterboard in place.


Use Green Glue Sealant to caulk around the perimeter of the first layer of plasterboard. It is critical to seal around all power point, light fitting and switch penetrations in the first layer if possible. If not, we highly recommend surface mounting all power points and switches on the second layer of plasterboard. Penetrations for cables should be made-to-size and then sealed with Green Glue Sealant once the cables have been fed through and are in their fixed position.


On a flat surface, prepare the second layer of plasterboard using the Green Glue Compound. Use 2 cartridges per 1200mm X 2400mm sheet for complete effectiveness.


When the Green Glue Compound has been applied to the second layer, position the sheet/s against the first layer and mechanically fasten with screws or nails.


Sound reduction will be effective immediately, with further acoustic reduction taking effect over 30 days as the Green Glue Compound cures and reaches its full potential.