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Improve the Acoustics of Your Place with Norseal Acoustical Sealant Tapes

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

You can improve the acoustics of your place by investing in Norseal acoustic sealant tapes as they can seal off gaps where noise may enter or get out.

Acoustics plays a crucial role in the overall design and construction of a property. Good acoustics can create a property with a comfortable and productive environment. Alternatively, a property that embraces poor acoustics may only be bombarded with unwanted noise and other issues. Good acoustics, therefore, should be achieved by property owners to ensure their places will be more silent, private, and productive.

One way to achieve good acoustics on your property is to take advantage of sealant tapes. Sealant tapes are designed to seal gaps and cracks in walls, ceilings, and floors, which can help reduce noise transmission and improve sound insulation. Norseal, a brand of Saint-Gobain, offers acoustical sealant tapes that can provide the following benefits once you use them.


The main benefit of using Norseal acoustical sealant tapes is they can significantly reduce the transmission of noise through walls, floors, and ceilings. They are designed to fill gaps and joints that may be present in these surfaces, which can be a major source of noise transmission. By sealing them, Norseal acoustical sealant tapes can easily reduce the amount of noise being transmitted from one room to another, making your space quieter and more comfortable.


Norseal acoustical sealant tapes are made from high-quality materials designed to be durable and long-lasting. These tapes can resist moisture, temperature changes, and aging, which means you can expect them to provide effective noise reduction continuously for many years.


Norseal acoustical sealant tapes are not only durable, but they are also versatile as they can be used in a variety of applications. They can be utilised in residential and commercial buildings to reduce noise transmission between rooms and floors. They can also be used in industrial applications to minimise noise that comes from machinery and equipment.

Easy to Install

Acoustical sealant tapes from Norseal do not require special tools or equipment pieces for them to be installed, which can be a huge advantage for you. You can simply peel off the backing and apply the tape to the surface you want to seal. The tape is self-adhesive and can be applied to surfaces like drywall, concrete, and metal.


Compared to other methods of reducing noise transmission like soundproofing panels or upgrading insulation, Norseal acoustical sealant tapes are a cost-effective solution. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, which means you can improve the acoustics of your place without spending a lot of money.

Environmentally Friendly

Norseal acoustical sealant tapes, ultimately, are environmentally friendly and safe to use. They are made from non-toxic materials and do not emit harmful volatile organic compounds VOCs that can negatively impact indoor air quality and the environment.

Norseal acoustical sealant tapes are an effective and affordable way to improve the acoustics of your place. They can significantly reduce noise transmission on your property by placing them on your walls, floors, and ceilings. Some notable models of Norseal acoustical sealant tapes that you can use include Norseal® V730 and Norseal® V820.

These high-performance tapes offer excellent temperature resistance, compression set resistance, chemical resistance, and fire resistance. Their pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive on one side allows optimal bonding to numerous substrates. You can get these from us at Foam Sealant by visiting our online store.