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Keeping Your Room Noise Free

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

There are your noisy teenagers with their loud music videos, their game consoles, drums and guitars. Well, instead of suppressing the artist in your kid, you can significantly reduce the noise in your home by having it soundproofed.

Reducing Sound Using Soundproofing Sealant

Aside from asking the kids to turn down the volume a bit (and risk being a killjoy), you can permanently muffle noise inside your home through soundproofing. The process should not be that expensive especially if you use soundproofing sealants. These are applied on gaps and spaces in walls and ceilings and they have the capability to deaden loud noises.
In order to find the gaps, you may have to literally lift the floorboards and see if there are gaps on the joists. The moment you see the gaps, you need to seal them using flexible acoustic sealants. After the application, you have to put back the floorboards and screw them very tight to reduce the possibility of squeaking.

The Amount of Noise You Can Stop with Soundproofing

With the right soundproofing materials, significant volume of sound can be reduced. The application of insulation should be performed by a soundproofing expert instead of someone who likes to DIY everything.


For those who are not yet aware, laminate flooring and bare floorboards can greatly contribute to the generation of noise. In fact, these two materials can amplify any type of noise generated inside a room. In order to supress the sound, you will need carpeting placed on top of a rubber underlay. This combination will massively minimize resonance or echo inside any room. In so doing, you effectively reduce the overall noise inside the house.

After you have taken care of your floors, the walls come next. Check your walls and see if you have cavity wall insulation. This helps absorb and minimize the amount of noise passing through your walls. Another benefit of this type of insulation is that it keeps your house warmer during the cold months making it cheaper to heat.

You can also upgrade and soundproof your doors using acoustic door seals which should be placed on the door frame itself. You can also do the same with windows, applying sealant on the jambs to fill in the gaps and reduce noise from the outside coming into your home.

It is imperative to have your home soundproofed not only to avoid your problems regarding your noisy neighbours. There are other sources of annoying noise such as airports, factories, vehicles, railway stations, and a lot more. Soundproofing your home reduces the stress and anxiety that you get from too much noise. At the same time, it can also boost the value of your property especially if your location is near noisy roads.