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Key Uses of Norton-Xpand PU600 PUR Sealing Tape in the Construction Industry

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

The construction industry uses a wide array of materials to ensure that buildings will be durable and long-lasting. The industry also uses different materials to generate appealing, energy-efficient, valuable, and sustainable properties for property owners.

One of the materials that are used in the construction industry is polyurethane.

Primary Benefits of Polyurethane

Polyurethane or PUR is a versatile elastomer that can be isolated and engineered with the help of chemistry, making it a perfect material for a wide array of industrial products.

One key benefit of polyurethane is it has versatile hardness. The molecular structure of PUR can be modified to ensure that it can meet the hardness requirements of specific applications. PUR also has excellent load-bearing capacity in both compression and tension. So, despite being exposed to a heavy load, products out of PUR will only adjust their shape accordingly until they return to their normal or original structure.

Another benefit of polyurethane is it is resistant to a lot of elements. Some elements that the material can withstand are abrasion, impact, and extreme temperatures. PUR can also resist tears, water, oil, and grease. The resistance of this material to these elements makes it a great option when generating products for the construction industry.

Qualities of Norton-Xpand PU600

Given the benefits and features of polyurethane, many products in the construction industry nowadays are already made from this material. The Norton-Xpand PU600, for instance, is made from polyurethane that is impregnated with a fire-resistant polymeric dispersion. This special polyurethane sealing tape from Saint-Gobain, a manufacturer of high-performance construction materials, caters to joints in buildings up to 328 ft. high.

The company made sure that this product fulfils the requirements of the DIN 18542 and DIN 18055. Aside from being useful for building joints, this tape can also protect driving rain to a minimum of 600 Pa or equivalent to wind force 11. It also allows thermal and expansion movement as well as maximises outstanding thermal and acoustical qualities.

Once applied, the Norton-Xpand PU600 can be painted over with standard emulsion paints.

Norton-Xpand PU600 Applications

The qualities of polyurethane as well as the engineering capabilities of Saint-Gobain allow Norton-Xpand PU600 to be significantly useful to the construction industry.

One great application of this product is to seal construction joints in prefabricated concrete projects. It can also carry out the sealing capability with perimeter seals for fenestration, cladding panels, curtain wailing, and skylights. This product can then be used in modular construction, steel and timber framed buildings, and general construction and civil engineering.

For customisation options, the Norton-Xpand PU600 can be obtained in various standard sizes. It can also be maximised with non-standard lengths and widths. This product can even be labelled for private and special purposes. Longevity is then assured since it is set to provide a ten year-performance guarantee, a feat that other products do not maximise.

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