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Most Common Applications of Double-sided Acrylic Tapes

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

A double-sided acrylic tape is, as the name implies, a pressure-sensitive product that places a tacky adhesive on both sides of the tape. It sticks to a surface, to itself, and any additional surfaces. In short, this versatile product sticks one thing to another. Of course, we’re all about the specifics, so what are these unambiguous applications?


Common Applications for Double-sided Acrylic Tapes 

As the paper liner is removed, the flexible tape conforms to any irregular surface. Certainly, there are simple applications here, such as floor-to-carpet fixing, but this product really excels when it’s installed in a situation where there are contours. It works invisibly as a pre-formed parts mounting aid, for example. Another example would be the mismatched surfaces on a marine craft, a place where everything curves, for preformed plastic and glass surfaces naturally benefit from this versatile fixative solution.

Construction Applications 

Double-sided acrylic tapes are essential building trade assets. They’re applied when one internal wall surface is fixed on top of another wall. The acrylic base fixes numerous substrates, including concrete, wood, and glass, so wall anchoring is assured. Additionally, thicker tapes and industrial strength coatings can be sourced when those walls use irregular surfaces, such as those found in textured facade panelling. The invisible aspect of this dual-sided adhesive tape also deserves a mention, for this product is often found in window muntins and frames, in lighting fixtures and all places where anchoring transparency is a must-have feature.

Contemporary Mounting Solutions 

Next on the agenda would be decorative accents and supplementary elements. Soundproofing walls often follow this path, as do wall cladding panels and vertically mounted objects. Indeed, some of the new smart home devices on the market require only a few cutouts of double-sided acrylic tape. These are the wireless thermostats and smoke alarm detectors that require no real installation effort, only a smidgen of electronics knowledge and do-it-yourself ability. A family portrait in a heavy glass and metal frame follows this same degree of medium-grade loading.

There are also members of the double-sided acrylic tape family that are capable of working in applications that were formerly reserved for mechanical fasteners. They install invisibly as inserted strips between two irregularly shaped objects, which is something a mechanical fastener can’t do without the aid of a spacer. Obviously, there are no parts-weakening drill holes to worry about when the double-sided solution is employed, so it’s often used in applications where aesthetic concerns meet load bearing needs.