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Noise proofing using Green Glue

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

No matter where in the world you go there will be noise, and while some noises are pleasant others can be irritating and highly obtrusive to hear. Your home is your castle. When consistent loud noises or obtrusive sounds from the outside storm the walls of your castle, you should consider noise proofing using Green Glue to stop them. What is Green Glue?

It is a specialized noise-proofing compound, which can reduce loud noises to little whispers. In fact, this incredible Green Glue sealant has been so effective that it can reduce either outside or inside noise by 90%!

Noise proofing using Green Glue

Noise proofing using Green Glue can save your sanity, especially if you are living next to a loud neighbor or near an elementary school. How can Green Glue stop loud noises and sounds from getting into your home? That’s a good question with an easy answer. Green Glue noise proofing compound can be applied to either new or existing walls to prevent unwanted noise from breaching into your home’s living space. Does it need to be professionally installed, or can you do it yourself?

The best part of noise proofing using Green Glue, is that you can do-it-yourself; however, professional tradesmen and building contractors use it often in new building construction. It is a very popular and affordable product that has many uses and applications. Whether it is commercial or residential buildings, Green Glue can be applied easily to keep out unwanted sounds. How is it installed?

How to Install Green Glue Compound

Compared to other methods used to noise proof a room or wall, the Green Glue compound is highly effective, easy to install and it’s affordable. Application is really simple; just apply it in between two pieces of dry wall or plywood.

How to apply Green Glue Noise Proofing Compound:

  1. Measure and cut the drywall or plywood you plan to sound proof.
  2. Load your caulking gun with a tube of Green Glue.
  3. Apply as directed onto the sheet of either plywood or drywall. (two tubes can be applied to one full standard sheet size)
  4. Simply screw the cut piece that is treated with the Green Glue compound onto the existing wall.

That’s it! For an affordable quick noise proof barrier, which you can install yourself, you can’t find a better product anywhere that is as effective at reducing unwanted noise. In this regard, noise proofing using Green Glue just makes sense.