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Practical uses for Green Glue Sealant

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Sealing technology, every now and then, revolutionizes itself with new kinds of compounds and bonding options every few years. A few years ago, this market was limited to air sealing rooms and water proofing roofs, but now things like Green Glue people get to limit a lot of things other than water or air.

Green Glue has basically evolved the sealing industry with a noise proofing compound technology that basically eliminates trouble making sound waves by converting them into heat energy. This unique polymeric formula helps with the process of turning sound into a mechanical heat form that can be stopped from entering your premises. Interestingly, this technology can cut down noise by 90%, which opens up many other potential practical uses as mentioned below.

Silent Study Rooms

When it comes to silence, it’s best utilized in study rooms and libraries. However, with increasing traffic noises and other kinds of sounds, it is difficult to build a room that is virtually free from outside noise, until now! Green Glue sealant makes it possible for your children to concentrate on important things rather than worrying about what’s going on outside. It is probably the most practical use of this compound.

Quite Office Spaces

A growing number of office owners also believe that Green Glue is an important part of their lives. At times, noise from sales rooms are so deafening from chatter that workers in other areas of the building and other rooms find it difficult to work. Green Glue is the simple solution to this dilemma, and it is cheaper to install than specialized sound proofing walls.

Peaceful Clinics

A majority of hospitals are constructed with budgets that take into consideration every kind of need for doctors and patients. Unfortunately, sound barrier walls are not one of them. However, now local clinics can utilize Green Glue to provide a sound barrier between clinic areas and patient waiting areas. Dentists would surely benefit from Green Glue. This allows Doctors to better concentrate on their work in hand, and provides a more peaceful waiting area.


Just about any window can use some noise proofing technology from Green Glue. After all, who would want that constant quarrel from neighbors and the sound of cars honking on a busy day to enter your home? You can buy Green Glue online as well as many other types of sealants at: https://foamsealant.com.au/green-glue/