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Prepare Surfaces for Sealant Applications: Use EternaClean® Spray Cleaner

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Even superior sealants and adhesives can fail. It’s not that the compound isn’t living up to its specially formulated features. To the contrary, EternaBond products are popular because they reliably bond all sorts of different materials. Incompatibility problems are rare. As long as the person applying the sealant is following the included instructions, then surface bonding issues shouldn’t happen. But wait, what if an error is creeping in before the application work starts?

Include A Surface Preparation Strategy

That’s usually the case, the application surfaces aren’t prepped, they’re not ready for the tape or caulking substance to be pressed into place. If some reckless worker is in a rush, things could go very wrong from this point onwards. Applied without prepping the surface, the microsealant peels away after a few minutes or hours. In fact, it would be better if the bonding compound did peel away after a few minutes. At least then, the person applying the tape would know that the job has gone wrong. And it’s not the sealant that’s causing the problem. Problematically, the bonding failure could occur sometime later, after the job has finished. Then a leak occurs, the material peels away, and the worker who did the job gets an earful because a complaint has been filed. All of this, the microsealant failure and the leak, happens because the application zone is dirty or covered in a film of old paint or oil.

Use EternaClean® Spray Cleaner

Available as a slender 14oz spray can, the cleaning agent uses a special blend of hot solvents to free oxidized patches, greasy films, and layers of dirt and grime. With its cleaning duties done, the spray cleaner opens up the underlying material. wood pores widen, roofing membranes open, and metal surfaces present their finest, rust-free surfaces. After the eco-friendly solvent finishes, it dries rapidly. On picking up a microsealant product, a product from the EternaBond family, by the way, it can now be pressed down against a residue-free surface. Granted, other sealants will also adhere perfectly after a can of EternaClean® spray cleaner is used, but why stray outside the microsealant brand when it’s so effective? And these tapes are indeed highly effective, more so after a selected surface has been properly cleaned with a few spritzes of this Eternabond-endorsed spray cleaner.

No matter how well a tape adhesive performs, no matter how perfectly a caulk sealant conforms and grips a surface, that feature can become undermined. If the chosen leak zone is surrounded by corrosion or dirt, oil or grease, then an EternaBond user should put his actions on pause until those surface deposits have been wiped away. Before anything else, to carry out that prep work, use a can of EternaClean® Spray Cleaner to free these stubborn patches.