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Prevent Vibration Noise in the Industrial Workplace by Using the Right Adhesive Tapes

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Ensuring that an industrial working environment is as quiet as possible is a difficult task with all the various noise sources in the building. Even the WHS laws in Australia, though, mandate that there is an acceptable noise level that companies must provide their workers for the sake of their safety. Noises often come from vibrations occurring throughout the building in one form or another. One source of this vibration noise is the structural sounds of the building while other vibration noise comes from machinery and other elements. Luckily, a lot of this noise is avoidable just by using the right adhesive tapes in strategic locations. This is the topic we are here to discuss further in the following facts.

The Right Adhesive Tapes Provide Vibration Dampening

By attaching certain types of tapes to vibration-prone machinery parts and structural areas of the building, you keep them from emitting irritating noises that can be quite loud at times. How this works is that the tapes absorb the vibrations and keep them from making any noise. You can reduce a high percentage of the airborne rattles, buzzing, squeaking and other vibration noises by taking this action.

Examples of the Right Type of Adhesive Tapes for Sound Dampening

  • Norseal® V990 is an effective glazing sealant for both interior and exterior uses. It can be used in ventilation and heating systems along with other places to dampen vibration noise.
  • Norcryl® A3300 is specially designed to absorb the stresses and vibrations that are caused by joint movements. It also is weather-resistant and durable. One of the applications that it is suitable for to reduce noise in the workplace is in exterior building cladding.
  • Normount® V2000 provides superior lasting quality, high shear strength and effective vibration dampening in both external and internal areas of the industrial workplace.
  • Thermalbond® V2200 is made specifically for vertical structural application, such as structural silicone glazing, die cutting and curtain wall for that purpose of vibration dampening.
  • Foam Sealant FS420 is suitable for vending machines, refrigeration units, display or storage cabinets, and access doors and lids for thermal applications as well as vibration dampening.
  • Foam Sealant FS630 is a general water seal for critical closure uses. It has an efficient operating temperature range and can be used for various types of gasketing applications along with vibration dampening.
  • Foam Sealant FS560 is for the purpose of thermal and isolation sealing along with vibration dampening. Works in the same applications as the Foam Sealant FS420 does in industrial settings.

The above are just some examples of the right adhesive tapes to use to prevent vibration noise in the industrial workplace. Select the one that best suits your purposes for optimal results.