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Reduce the Need for Mechanical Fasteners in a Joint by Using NORMOUNT Acrylic A3200 Series

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Manufacturers often rely on mechanical fasteners in connecting two points of a part or product. These points, known as joints, can be linked through bolts, anchors, washers, nails, screws, rivets, and nuts. What is great about these mechanical fasteners is they can provide strong connections to the involved parts for a long time. So, even with vibration and stress, these fasteners will not get damaged easily.

These mechanical fasteners, however, can be counterproductive, especially if they have to be refastened regularly. Some of them can be found inside an engine. Disassembling this product does not only consume time but would also require a lot of effort. Mechanical fasteners may also corrode, especially if they continuously interact with corrosive elements.

To counter the cons of mechanical fasteners, NORMOUNT has released a clear solid replacement for the said components. This product is known as NORMOUNT A3200.

Key Features of NORMOUNT A3200

The NORMOUNT A3200 is a clear solid acrylic tape that can be utilised as a great alternative to mechanical fasteners. By using this tape, industries can reduce or even eliminate the need to lock joints through mechanical fasteners. They can even take advantage of the tape’s somehow invisible appeal, providing them with aesthetically pleasing joint designs.

Aside from its clear grade appeal, this solid acrylic tape also offers various configurations, allowing industries to utilise the product in low-profile applications. Available in a gauge of 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5mm, the NORMOUNT A3200 can surely be utilised in many industries.

Even with a thin profile, this specific tape can retain its durable adhesive for a long time. Industries that use this tape can expect their joints to be held together amidst the existence of pressure, stress, and vibration. NORMOUNT A3200 can even last for years thanks to its solid acrylic core. This core helps the tape withstand weathering properties, elevated temperatures, and many more.

Applications of NORMOUNT A3200 

All the features of NORMOUNT A3200 make it useful for many applications.

One application of this clear solid acrylic tape is security glass lamination. Laminated glass is often used for security since its interlayer can remain solid despite getting broken. Through NORMOUNT A3200, it can provide the right sealing of the glass joints without any problems. Bath and shower hardware can also take advantage of NORMOUNT A3200 as this tape can retain its adhesion for a long time.

Window and door muntin bars, glass door handle attachment, and translucent signage can likewise benefit from NORMOUNT A3200 thanks to its thin profile, minimal look, and longevity.

If you will be utilising the NORMOUNT A3200, you must ensure that the contact surfaces will be free from dirt, wax, soap, and oily films. They can be cleaned through a cleaning solvent, which must be comprised of a 50/50 isopropyl alcohol/water mixture. Sealing or priming the contact surface may also be necessary to ensure the tape’s effectiveness. For added adhesion, you may want to apply Tite-R-Bond Adhesion Promoter.

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