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Soundproofing Ceilings Using Green Glue: What Makes it Different from Acoustic Panels?

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Acoustic ceiling panels offer a unique set of application benefits. Nevertheless, there are projects that work better when they use Green Glue soundproofing. Heavy vibrations from the floor above could loosen fixed panels. Green Glue treated ceilings don’t sag, nor do they slacken. On the other hand, acoustic panels require extra planning, but they’re more visually appealing. Green glue or acoustic panels, which system is best?

Space-Conscious Meditations 

At times, a strong adhesive is more than enough to get the job done. The sound-dampening panels adhere to the ceiling, empty echoes and heavy footsteps from the apartment above are attenuated, and there’s still plenty of space in the room. Like we said, though, ceiling panels can sag and slacken. Heavy vibrations take their toll, a damp patch becomes trapped under one of the panels, and the once attractive upper surface begins to look shabby. But there are advanced solutions available to those who are willing to go the extra mile. Suspended on chains or wire, fabric-wrapped squares never age, yet they do provide a silent environment. Unfortunately, hanging ceiling panels and false ceilings in general, well, they reduce headspace.

Spacious Green Glue Ceilings 

A carefully applied coating of the tacky compound receives a second drywall panel. The upper surface of the room is now basically a sound mitigating sandwich. Original drywall (plasterboard), green glue, then more drywall, that’s the whole package. Unlike acoustic ceiling panels, the room still has plenty of headspace. But don’t the panels bring other benefits to the room? There’s no curing period, that’s an obvious benefit. Then there’s the separation factor. If the suspended panels age badly, just give the room a facelift by replacing them with a whole new group of aesthetically pleasing substitutes. Apart from a fresh coat of paint, there’s not much else that can be done to beautify that upper layer of plasterboard.

Then there are the technical differences. Green Glue ceilings are amazingly effective, but they do completely cover the ceiling. Noise could still propagate through this soundproofing solution unless the ceiling is fitted with isolation clips. Meanwhile, acoustic panels hang on wires, are fitted to false ceilings, and are generally detached from any possible noise paths. Flipping back to that sandwich, the noise cancelling action begins as soon as the sticky compound cures. In conclusion, then, Green Glue is the flexible choice. However, acoustic ceiling panels are attractive and effective. Just make sure those fabric-wrapped products are fireproof. Green Glue is, of course, rated as a fire resistant paste.