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Soundproofing Joist Tape: Green Tape V494 Uses and Benefits

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Structural joists are often perceived as hidden noisemakers. They rub against surfaces and squeak. They’re also guilty of expelling settling creaks and moans, the ones that keep sleepy family member awake late at night. Now, on gaining access to the timber supports, a noise suppression technician has begun wrapping Green Tape V494 between the joists and structure surfaces. Having finished the job, he listens for squeaks.

A Quieter Floor 

The floor is quiet. The V494 Green Tape is doing its job. With a strong adhesive on one side of the wide strip and a durable film on the other, the material is functioning effectively as a noise dampening gasket. The raw stress points that exist between the floor undersurface and the supporting lumber joists are quiet because that gasket is absorbing the rubbing energy. It’s also working day and night, all while the wood expands and contracts. And, mainly during the day, when foot traffic is high, the material is still muting the squeaks.

An All-Joist Solution 

Subfloor applications clearly come to mind first. Green Tape V494 quickly solves this issue, because there’s no curing period. Elsewhere, perhaps on wall joists that conceal hot and cold water heating pipes, the noise-absorbing film doesn’t have any foot traffic to deal with, but there’s that squeaking sound again. Every time the hot water pipe deforms, the joists are shifting. Again, Green Tape V494 comes to the rescue. Applied between the joists and walls, the vibration dampening product absorbs noise. In point of fact, this gasketing is designed to silence squeaking and creeping dimensional lumber, engineered wood, steel joists, and more.

Multi-Purpose Joist Soundproofing Tape 

Sound cancellation is a desirable feature here, clearly, but this gasketing has a few other tricks on offer. First of all, the material improves thermal insulation performance. As it continues to absorb noisy vibrations, it’s also simultaneously acting as a thermal seal. Next, mould and mildew hide down in damp, dark areas, where they can spread unnoticed. Thanks to this sealing film and its strong adhesive, moisture cannot spread, so moulds and their waterborne cousins starve.

One occupant’s floor is another occupant’s ceiling. By installing Green Tape V494, ceilings and floors quieten. This means the noisy boots clomping around above a lower level apartment won’t produce joist-complaining noise. Contracting and expanding walls won’t groan loudly in the middle of the night when this gasketing film is fitted. And, just as we mentioned above, this product has other talents. It blocks thermal losses and moisture, so warmer, drier subsurface zones stay that way. With this feature in play, properties gain an energy efficient and mould-free edge.