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Transport Flat Glass and Window Frames with Norglaze Glazing Pads

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Builders today utilise a wide range of materials in building and constructing different types of buildings. Residential buildings, for instance, may benefit from concrete, wood, steel, and tiles to form their structural elements. Similar materials can also be seen in commercial buildings.

But one addition to the materials that can be seen today is glass. From windows to balustrades, many buildings today already incorporate this specific material as it is continuously being improved by engineers and other experts in the field. Before, glass tend to break easily, which deters many builders and property owners from using them. Today, however, glass can already withstand elements and forces that can often damage it before.

Despite the improvements in glass properties, glass materials should still be handled with care. Transporting them, in particular, must be carried out optimally to avoid damaging them along the way. One way to transport them properly is to use glazing pads.

Glazing Pads Can Prevent Glass Damages

Glazing pads are special products that can separate and protect glass panels, flat glass, and other types of glass during their transport. They can also be useful whenever these glass materials will be stored for a long time. And if these glass products will be installed in properties, industries can use glazing pads to protect them from getting damaged due to unnecessary contact with elements that can shatter them into pieces.

They are normally made from high-density PVC foam, with one of the sides being coated with a semi-permanent acrylic adhesive. The adhesive allows people involved in their transport, storage, or installation to remove it without leaving any adhesive residue or ghosting marks. It protects the glass surface’s appeal from getting ruined.

One quality of glazing pads that make them useful in transporting, storing, and installing glass products is they are temperature resistant. They are also UV resistant, allowing them to last for a long time despite continuous exposure to these elements. They likewise have excellent bonding strength so they can stick on the glass surface without any issues. Other qualities of glazing pads include excellent compression resistance and outstanding recovery.

Acquire and Install Norglaze Glazing Pads

Now, to acquire the best glazing pads for your glass products, you must purchase Norglaze Glazing Pads.

Norglaze Glazing Pads work like other glazing pad options. They can separate and protect sheets of flat glass, sealed units, and even automotive glass during transit and in storage. They can also aid protection during installation. But aside from glass products, Norglaze Glazing Pads can also work with painted and pressed steel metal panels and other surfaces.

These products may come in various grades of thickness and density of closed-cell PVC foam. This specific material has been developed to provide excellent compression resistance and recovery. So, even with high-loading weights, they can still offer these qualities easily.

Another great thing about these glazing pads is they have low tack pressure sensitive peelable adhesive. This specific part allows clean removal from glass, metal, and even PVC-u surfaces, leaving no ghosting marks and adhesive residue. To make them easier to identify and locate, they can come in grey, blue, and red.

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