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What is Viscoelasticity and What Makes it Beneficial for Greenglue Noise Proofing Compound?

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

There comes a point in a technician’s career when words like sticky and gluey just won’t cut it anymore. In response to a maturing set of engineering skills, a scholarly vocabulary grows. Take the field of adhesive compounds, for example, a discipline that’s peppered with technical terms. Viscoelasticity is one such multisyllabic term, but what does it mean? Well, maybe we can cleave the word in two and deduce its meaning that way.

What is Viscoelasticity?

Just like many other technical terms, this lengthy string of letters was actually created by cramming two different words together. Viscous, a word that describes the consistency of a fluid, prefixes elasticity, a word that expresses how well a material can deform. The second function of an elastic material is its capacity for returning to its original shape and dimensions. Therefore, viscoelasticity is a property that references the elastic and viscous characteristics of a material.

Exhibits Both Properties Simultaneously

If a substance is assigned a viscoelastic factor, then it has an elasticity modulus and a flow index. These two important properties are intelligently formulated, balanced in such a way that they create a glutinous fluid, a substance that’s capable of dampening mechanical stress. That same material feature produces a sound dampening effect, with the half fluid and half elastic compound establishing a two-way acoustic roadblock. In other words, all approaching sound energy is elastically and fluidically dampened.

A Greenglue Noise Proofing Facilitator

Imagine this viscoelastic substance as the core of a multilayered soundproof wall. The two bookending walls are solid, perhaps made of drywall or wood, and the Greenglue layer is inserted between these two solid panels. It’s a strong construction glue, a tacky substance that adheres one drywall panel to a concrete or metal surface, or to any other construction wall type. On top of this building-centric feature, though, the noise proofing fluid is equipped with that all-important viscoelasticity factor, a material characteristic that uses the stretch and low-flow properties of the compound to efficiently dampen sound.

This product is intended for seasoned construction types and experienced hobbyists alike. It’s a quick to install acoustic noise cancellation solution that requires an extra layer of wall panels to take full advantage of the inserted Greenglue. Used to silence noisy neighbours, to quieten the family rooms that are occupied with home theatres, and as an expedient means of building a muted home recording studio, this half fluid and half elastic material provides an elegant solution for a noisome issue.