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EPDM vs. Nitrile Closure Tape: Choosing the Best Tape for Your Application

  • Posted by: Madhuraka
  • Category: Article

Sealing tapes, as their name implies, help seal components and products against fluids, gases, moisture, dust, and other elements. Some of them can even be used in wrapping, packaging, electrical insulation, masking, and many more applications. These functions are enough for industries to use them in a lot of their key operations.

The automotive industry, for instance, uses tapes in assembling automotive components during their production process, grasping screws and studs, and dealing with production-related holes. The construction industry, alternatively, maximises tapes in bonding construction components like solar elements, skyscraper facades, windows, doors, and many more. Other industries that use tapes are the electronics and appliances industries.

If your business has to maximise tapes for your applications, you may want to choose between EPDM and nitrile closure tapes. Knowing their characteristics and properties may help you select the best tape for your application.

EPDM Closure Tapes

EPDM, or ethylene propylene diene monomer, is a material generated through the vulcanisation of ethylene, propylene, and diene monomers. The combination of these elements allows EPDM products in general to boast excellent outdoor resistance qualities. EPDM items can also withstand the harshest chemicals. With the addition of fillers and plasticisers, EPDM products are expected to boast increased flexibility and strength.

Some more properties of EPDM products include resistance to high temperatures, UV light, steam, and adaptability to low temperatures. These properties make EPDM products, especially tapes, useful for the automotive industry. The automotive industry uses EPDM for door, window, trunk, and hood sealing. EPDM can also be used in the tubes of water pumps, thermostats, and radiators. Construction and electronic industries can also use this material.

At Foam Sealant, you can acquire EPDM as closure tapes. The Foam Sealant FS630, FS640, and FS650 can all be used for general water sealing, critical closure, extreme gasketing, and vibration dampening in the automotive industry.

Nitrile Closure Tapes

Nitrile rubber, alternatively, can be produced by combining acrylonitrile and butadiene into a single compound. Increasing the acrylonitrile content can help the material boast high strength, improved resistance to swelling, and lower permeability to gases. Nitrile rubber can also work with other chemicals like detergents, mercury, methyl alcohol, ammonia, and zinc sulphate. Its composition allows it to be resistant to oil, fuel, and other similar elements.

Other notable properties of nitrile rubber products are good tear resistance, excellent adhesion to metal and rigid products, and notable resistance to gas permeability, aliphatic hydrocarbons, puncture, and temperature. These qualities allow nitrile rubber products to be utilised as gloves, fuel hoses, gaskets, plumbing materials, and moulded and extruded products. Tapes, tubing, O-rings, gaskets, pipes, and rollers are some examples of nitrile products.

Nitrile closure tapes are available at Foam Sealant. The Foam Sealant FS470 and FS480 are nitrile closure tapes that are excellent for water sealing under extreme conditions. They can be used for switchboards and high-temperature closures. These products are recommended for insulation, weatherstripping, and sealing of automotive elements.

Acquire high-quality closure tapes today from Foam Sealant. You can visit our online shop to buy our products or contact us for more information about our offerings.